Monday, March 22, 2010

3/22 Early morning jaunt

Lazy start actually. Started late (around 6am) so I scratched my original plan of doing a simple mountain loop.

6am is late. This time of the year I can start cycling at 5am. There is already enough natural light! I always want to go out early so that the river paths are still clear of pedestrians and other cyclists. I really don't like being overtaken by other cyclists :-) well they're younger and lighter so they can overtake a fat bloke like me.

5:30ish out of the house and trying to find something to eat. The local coffee shop is still closed (they open at 7:30 on weekdays, but today is a holiday so they might open at 8am). Got capuccino at McDo instead. No seats available so had to sip my cup outside in the cold. Well it wasn't that cold actually, but I was in my shorts :-) I think it was a big mistake not to eat anything.

Just did the usual 60 - 70km loop on the river path. I got overtaken today :-) hahahaha

Past 20km, I can already feel I was loosing power. High 80's rpm 50x17 and I was doing 25kph? Also the friggin' punishin' headwind did not make life easier. I carbo loaded the night before but I was running on an empty stomach this morning (besides the coffee). It was a whole lotta different feeling from last Sunday. Last Sunday, I was still hitting 30kph on the last leg of the loop. I ate a one jell pack, a calzone and coffee that day.

Besides not eating breakfast today, I did the short 2-3km Route 11 run. I take this route "pedal to the metal" at 28-32kph always. Its a mini-TT. I did not do the TT last Sunday so I think I had fresher legs for the whole loop.

Uneventful day on the river path. Saw the usual cyclists still in their winter garb. When I got home I was friggin' dead tired. Just slept, since I had nothing productive to do.

On a note, my shoulder is still hurting.

On another note, I should really loose weight if I want to improve my speed. I should also eat breakfast before doing a morning jaunt, makes the run less painful.

Saturday and Sunday is looking good. I plan to do the mountain loop. Sleep as early as possible. Get up as early as possible. Eat. Ride. Simple enough???

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