Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Let the conversion begin

 I went to my LBS after work and ordered a wheel build.

A rear wheel build to be exact.
Ambrosio rim, Surly flip flop hub, and a Dingle cog.
I am yet to find a freewheel in 3/32" size or I might totally forgo the freewheel, for now.

My main concern right now is the chainline. My road double (Shimano 105) has a standard 43.5mm chainline (41mm for inner ring, 46mm for the outer ring). The Dingle cog has a weird chainline, some websites say 47mm! some say 42mm! I might not a straight chainline if ever :-(

If worse comes to worse, I will need to ditch the crankset and BB :-(
If I do that I'll get a Sugino, and go 1/8" and then ditch the Dingle cog and attach a freewheel.

Sigh... but it seems fun :-)

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